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The Parent-Teacher Association of the Stewartville Primary School is planning to move to the Ministry of Education in relation to the transfer of two of the institution’s teachers.Chairperson of the PTA, Tracey Kumar, told this newspaper yesterday that as far as they had been informed, the head teacher of the school was called to an emergency meeting at the Ministry. This development,Justin Morrow Jersey, she said,Blank Dortmund Jersey, occurred yesterday.Kumar said she could not say what the outcome of the meeting was, but informed that she and other members of the PTA body would be seeking a meeting with officials of the Regional Education Office.In the meantime,Vincent Kompany Jersey, Komar said they are waiting to confirm that the Grade Five teacher who was transferred will return to the school. She said she learnt that someone contacted the teacher informing her that she would be returning to Stewartville Primary.Last Wednesday,Kevin Trapp Paris Saint-Germain Jersey, parents and students of the school staged a massive protest over the transfer of two teachers of the school. During the protest, several other issues were raised, including a leaking roof, the deplorable state of the sanitary block, and the lack of running water to the building. Those problems have been rectified, but the Ministry had earlier stated that nothing could be done with respect to the transfer of the teachers.They had also stated that the reason for the transfer was that the school was over-staffed. This was however denied by the parents. They; parents are claiming that the Grade Three and Grade Five classes are without teachers and at present one teacher has as many as 52 students in a single class,Sergio Aguero Manchester City Jersey, which according to them,Yasser Corona Jersey, is unacceptable.
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