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標題: MUT 20 Coins Tip for Youtube Users [打印本頁]

作者: kenranox    時間: 19:08     標題: MUT 20 Coins Tip for Youtube Users

Youtube users, you can earn MUT coins in Madden NFL 20 easily by using the following tips.
First of all, a new member of this year's Madden 20 ultimate team is the level in the pattern. You can win to win each game to a higher level of experience (whether it's against other players or in a single player challenge), and you can also gain experience based on the performance in the game, such as how many yards you sprint or throw.
For each level you get, you will get a reward. Sometimes you will be given mut coins, and occasionally you will be allowed to purchase the level master pack of 250 mut coins in the store. The content of level master pack cannot be guaranteed, but when we upgrade from level 3 to 4, level master pack contains the basic version of ladanian Tomlinson and the collection that can be used to upgrade the card.

In addition, there are new details in the "top 20 chemistry" part of the "adjust the lineup". If you click the correct analog rocker in this section of the Madden 20 ultimate team, the following list will pop up, in which you can see the bonus (players from the same team) teams that the MUT team received to participate in your starting lineup. This is a good way to get some convenient attribute promotion for the ultimate team.
Before delving into the ultimate team, it might be a good idea to try the new Madden 20 longshot model. This is because you can get the longshot cards for the ultimate team by playing longshot, all of which are less than the starting players you get. You'll see that two of the longshot cards you just got - Dan Marino and Chad Johnson - are obviously the best in the team.
You will also be given permission to take on special longshot challenges in the ultimate team, depending on what you have achieved through the longshot model. Each time you complete a longshot action (3 in total), you can access the longshot challenge in the "solo challenge" section of the ultimate team, which rewards you with mut coins and players.

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