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標題: How are paper cups made of? [打印本頁]

作者: paperwholesaler    時間: 10:41     標題: How are paper cups made of?

The manufacture of paper cups began in the early 1900s, mainly to prevent disease. 40oz salad bowl Since the cups are not reusable, drinking from them can slow down the spread of bacteria and improve your health. Apart from hygiene, paper cups also provide convenience and make life easier. Experts estimate that 220 billion paper cups are consumed worldwide each year.

The process of making paper cups
The raw materials of paper cups are purchased by manufacturing units.  popcorn cups bulk factories One side of the paper is coated with specially formulated plastic to make the inside of the cup. Next, the reel is fed into a machine that prints the design on the other side. After printing, the paper containing the design is individually cut into small pieces, called flat sheets, using another machine. A flat surface to make a cup. The final size of the cup is determined by the size of its surface.
The molding
Piles of flat flat materials are rolled into cylinders by a large machine, while sealing them by heating the wax already coated inside the paper that forms the cups. Paper fed simultaneously from the far end of the machine is rounded and used to make the bottom of the cup.  ripple wall cups Once the bottom of the cup is obtained, the spare paper is thrown away and recycled. Finally, the cylinder used to make the complete cup and the base are sealed together through a heating process.
Rim molding and packaging
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A chute is used to transfer the cups to a different machine, which forms the edges of the cups by rolling paper around the top of the cups. The cups are then sent for packaging, placed in the correct size tubes and stacked.  The required number of cups are collected into a stack and passed through a machine that wraps plastic sheets around it and seals the sheets. This is a parcel ready for delivery.pla forks suppliers  The whole process from cup making to packaging takes about a minute.
Leaky cups are rare. However, the cups were taken from the production line at random and tested. The cup taken out for testing is placed in a specially designed stand on top of the mirror so that the person carrying the test can ensure it does not leak. When a leak is detected, the specific production line is stopped until the problem is found and corrected.

While paper cups are primarily used in the food and beverage industry,paper tea cups with handles  they can also be used as flower POTS, crafts and children's games. Are you interested in buying disposable paper cups? Visit the Hyde website today!
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