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Anywhere you go these days, you’re bound to see someone walking on Nike’s Air cushioning. Air Max has become synonymous with Nike’s brand. nike sneakers sale online But this wasn’t always the case — in fact, the original reveal of the iconic bubble in 1987 almost never happened. Air cushioning had been used by Nike long before the Air Max 1 ever came to be. It was originally invented for the Air Tailwind nearly a decade earlier in 1978.

The technology was always hidden from the eye by the outsole, for fear that people would think it could be easily punctured, despite its proven durability. nike air max 1 grey/blue This worked for a while, but the sneaker game was evolving. Classic Nike sneakers like the Cortez and the Air Tailwind didn’t have the steam to keep carrying the company. Nike needed something new, something revolutionary. Then came Tinker Hatfield.

Hatfield wasn’t a shoe designer by trade — he was originally hired by Nike as the Special price architect for their headquarters in Oregon, so it’s no wonder the inspiration for the Air Max 1 came from a building. While Tinker was in Paris, he visited the Centre Georges Pompidou, a modern art museum with a building that scandalized the city.

In the midst of old Parisian buildings with stone façades, the Pompidou looks nike sneakers cheap mens like a stylized construction site, with its internal support structures exposed to the external world. And running across the face of the building was a long, window-wrapped tube of stair casing. It was rebellious. It was vulnerable. It threw away all convention. As Hatfield stood before the museum, the idea for the Air Max 1 was born.

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