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標題: Where to Find a Free Audiobook [打印本頁]

作者: SelinaSigrid    時間: 11:46     標題: Where to Find a Free Audiobook

Audiobooks are a great way to read on the go! They're a portable alternative to paperback books, and they save your paperbacks from being accidentally doused in sunscreen.

The best free audiobooks hörbücher are available to listen to anywhere with an internet connection. They can be listened to on your computer, tablet or phone and are available in multiple formats including mp3 files.

Librivox is a free, non-commercial, and ad-free online library of audiobooks that are recorded by volunteers and uploaded to the web in the public domain. Their catalog includes classic novels, short stories, poetry and more in more than 30 languages.

Your local library is another good place to find free audiobooks for your classroom. Just make sure to visit your local library's website to see what's available in your area.

OverDrive is a library service that "lets you borrow digital content (like ebooks and audiobooks) anytime, anywhere." It's available through many libraries and schools around the country. Their Libby app works on most mobile devices, and it's free if you have a library card with one of their associated libraries.

Audible is the leading provider of audiobooks for consumers. Audible offers a variety of features, like controlling playback speed, placing bookmarks, skipping forward and backward, downloading for offline listening and viewing chapter notes.

Spotify is a popular streaming service that plans to expand its audiobook offerings in the future. It has a growing library of titles in the United States, and it's starting to add features like curated recommendations on the homepage.

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