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標題: Everything you need to know about sex doll shops and brothels [打印本頁]

作者: Nancyflower    時間: 17:00     標題: Everything you need to know about sex doll shops and brothels

Later, due to the increased acceptance, sexdoll shops opened one after another around the world. However, the setup of asex doll shop depends on national legislation and other legal requirements. So,unlike a brothel, it's not an affront to women's rights, or even in any humantrafficking or organized crime, because the targets are sex dolls. One of themain drivers for sex doll brothels is that the use of cheap sex dolls can helpwith issues like loneliness, anxiety and even depression.

In sex doll brothels, dolls attract morecustomers than real prostitutes. There is a sex doll brothel in Dortmund thathouses 11 individual sex dolls, each with its own name, identity, height,ethnicity, hair color and breast size. When people have sex with sex dolls, youcan see the wives of many sex customers waiting for the bus in front of thestore. Recently, the sex doll Fanny became the best-selling superstar at theKontakthof brothel in Vienna, with even more customers than actual prostitutes.

Ifyou want to build a life sized sexdoll, you can choose the halfbody sexdoll and sex doll heads tomake a becautiful.
At last, these are thetips that will empower you to buy the best grown-up dolls when you are doingyour buy online.

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